Workshop: Principles of Lean Manufacturing – April 18th

Join Insyte Consulting for a fast paced, information packed session that will show you how to reduce costs, speed up delivery times and improve quality in your manufacturing operations. Taught by certified Manufacturing Extension Partnership Instructors, you will participate in a lean simulation where you learn how to use half the manufacturing space and half the investment in tools to produce products in half the time with fewer defects.

Does your company have issues with:

  • Lead times in excess of customer requirements?
  • Excessive work-in-process inventory?
  • Bottlenecks and/or shortages in production?
  • Over-production

Lean Manufacturing encompasses a set of process improvement techniques that, when implemented, shorten the time between customer order and factory shipment by eliminating waste.

This full-day workshop combines a comprehensive classroom presentation with hands-on simulation of a production facility. In this workshop, we introduce the basic concepts of Lean manufacturing and demonstrate the tools and methodology necessary to implement “lean” on the shop floor.

The classroom presentation is an interactive overview of lean manufacturing, introducing concepts and methodologies for implementation. Participants act as production workers, applying the lean tools to their individual workspaces as well as across the entire product line. This learn-do technique over four “shifts” illustrates cause and effect relationships for each of the lean tools presented. Participants review methodology and lessons learned from previous shifts, deciding what and how to implement while working with realistic constraints such as available resources, cash flow and resistance to change.


When & Where:
Thursday, April 18th
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Northland Workforce Training Center
683 Northland Avenue
Entrance E
Buffalo, NY 14211

$275 per person*
(seating is limited)

*lunch is provided



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