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We Got Hit with Ransomware – Real Life Lessons from a Local Cyber-Attack

Join us for a lunch-and-learn as we follow a first-hand account of a recent Ransomware attack that hit a Southern Tier-based manufacturer from the eyes of the President & CEO of the company at the time. Following the case study, we will hear the perspective of a cybersecurity expert, and cyber insurance leader on how pro-active measures and cyber insurance could have helped the company in preparedness for such an event.

Thursday, October 27th

12pm – 1:30pm (lunch provided)

Seating is limited to manufacturers.


Dale Gier – Past President & CEO of a local Southern Tier Manufacturer

Benjamin Rand – President, Insyte Consulting

Mark Musone – Chief Technology Officer, DataSure24

Randy Glenn – Cyber Risk Manager, Evans Insurance Agency


Benjamin Rand

  • Introductions and background on speakers

Dale Gier

  • First-hand step-by-step walkthrough of Ransomware experience
  • Recovery steps taken and process of recovery
  • Takeaways and what could have been done differently

Mark Musone

  • Cybersecurity firm perspective on Ransomware events
  • Pro-active measures to take to decrease likelihood
  • Cybersecurity best practices

Randy Glenn

  • Cyber risk and insurance agency perspective on Ransomware event
  • Importance of pro-active measures paired with cyber insurance
  • Increasing difficulty of obtaining cyber insurance without a strong program

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