As a consulting organization about to venture into companies across WNY, we have recently had some interesting conversations regarding the potential alignment of our company’s safety expectations and the reality that awaits.

How do I as the visiting consultant know that everyone in the facility does not have a fever today (or at least was asked if they had one)?

How do you as the host know that today’s visitor has not been in close contact with someone who has tested positive?

We both strive for the safety of all involved; we also want this to occur in the most efficient manner while at least meeting the minimum standards established by NY State.  The standard states that “Responsible Parties must review all employee and visitor responses collected by the screening process on a daily basis and maintain a record of such review”.

Previous blogs mentioned the simplest option of a paper based form and log sheet to capture all the required information.  This blog will highlight one of the lowest cost electronic options that will allow your employees and visitors to easily create a daily electronic record of their health status along with an analytical dashboard that will help you sort through all this information.  This company is called GoCanvas ( and their primary focus is helping companies eliminate paperwork and speeding up data collection.  They provide incredibly easy to use tools to that will allow you to create your own forms from scratch or using their templates (such as their Covid 19 Daily Screening Log form).

Here is how the typical screening process would flow:

  • Employees have access to your company’s health assessment form online or via an app on their phone
  • Employees complete the form and hit the submit button
  • Electronic records of each submission are security stored in the cloud and can only be accessed by the system administrator
  • Automated workflows can automatically alert management if any non-compliant submissions have been received
  • Administrators have access to dashboards and reports that summarize all submissions received
  • Visitors to your facility can follow the same process, their responses are also stored electronically in the cloud

Here is how their product actually works:

  • This cloud based tool provides you with all the design tools, template forms, and storage needed to manage this process
  • A Covid 19 health assessment template form is provided, this can be easily customized
  • A company specific form is then created and made available to the company
  • All employees are added to the system and given access to this form
  • In addition to the online access, these employees can download the same form directly to their phone
  • All responses can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet or analyzed using one of the provided reports/dashboards

This product out of the box costs $10/user/month with a minimum of 20 users.   No annual contracts are required; the billing is month to month.  A summary video of their GoCanvas Health Screening Toolkit can be found at

As a testament to this product, we took advantage of their 30 day trial and had an electronic version of a customized Covid 19 screening app on our phones in about 30 minutes.

There are other health management systems and visitor management systems available, most of which are considerably more expensive and have tools and capabilities that go beyond the expectations of a small organization.  What was a pleasant surprise for us was how easy it was to not only create and modify forms, but to publish them as apps on our phones.

If you have other high volume paper based forms that need to be collected and reviewed, you should consider this product.  The most overarching question for all of us is how long the pandemic and its requirements will last; the good news with this particular product is that fact there is no annual contract and can be utilized month to month.

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