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Recent Product Requests from the MEP Supplier Scouting Service

The U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (MEP) Supplier Scouting service posts requests from companies and government agencies seeking U.S. manufacturers for a wide variety of products or contract manufacturing services.  Recent requests include:

  • Custom wound motor
  • Replacement electrical plug
  • 340KV and 360KV motors for drones
  • Solid state lithium-ion batteries for drones
  • Electronic speed controllers for electric multi-rotor series drones
  • Cut and bent aluminum sheet metal
  • Ball and socket parts cold forged
  • Multi-piece hair brush
  • Drawn copper tubing
  • Plastics extruder

For each request, the MEP website posts a Supplier Scouting Opportunity Synopsis that details technical specifications and performance requirements, delivery requirements and cost and volume estimates.

New requests are received on a regular basis. Contact Insyte Consulting if you would like to learn about how to submit your company’s capabilities in response to a request or if you would like to post a request to find suppliers for your company’s needs.

The Supplier Scouting service is one of many ways that Insyte Consulting helps WNY manufacturers to Innovate, Grow and Profit.


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