Tom Quinn specializes in information technology here at Insyte, where he helps implement multi-million dollar, organization-wide technology and systems-based projects. But outside of Insyte, Tom works with a group that installs something closer to home. Here, Tom shares a little about his work with Special Spaces Buffalo:

I am one of the directors of a not-for-profit organization called Special Spaces Buffalo, and have been involved with this organization since its inception. Our mission is to deliver bedroom makeovers for children with cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Similar to the home makeover shows on TV, in one day we transform their bedrooms based on a theme that the child selects. We put together a full day’s agenda to entertain the kid and their family while we transform their bedroom.

As an example, one child wanted an Army-themed bedroom so for part of his day we coordinated a private tour of the Niagara Falls Air Force base in Niagara Falls where our hero got to fly a C130 plane using their flight simulator. Meanwhile we built and installed a Jeep bed, painted camouflage colors, and outfitted his bedroom with many army-related accessories.

There have been few things in my life that have been more gratifying than being a part of the bedroom reveal and watching the expressions on the kid’s faces, as well as their family’s, when they see the new room. I can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster these families go through and it feels great to give them a lift when they need it most.

Tom’s work with this incredible group is just one of the many ways the Insyte team is committed to the Western New York community. We are proud to have Tom represent Insyte with our clients and projects throughout the community. Above, you can hear from Tom about his work at Insyte.





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