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Manufacturers – Can you Supply These Products?

Do you:

  • Manufacture plastic products?
  • Fabricate or assemble metal products?
  • Manufacture components for gas distribution?
  • Assemble electronic products?

If you do, or if you have other manufacturing capabilities your next customer may be looking for you through the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (MEP) Supplier Scouting service.  The Service posts requests from companies and government agencies seeking U.S. manufacturers for a wide variety of products or contract manufacturing services.  Recent requests include:

  • Blow or injection molded plastic buckets with handles and sealable lids – 6.5 and 13 gallons.
  • Gas risers to connect underground gas service lines to above-ground gas meters – steel or polyethylene plastic.
  • Home cage system to behaviorally track mice – need 4 systems with top units containing a digital color camera upgrade.
  • Encoder Receiver Transmitter (ERT) that transmits radio waves that allow a gas meter reading to be taken remotely.
  • Gas pipeline pressure regulators
  • Build America Buy America compliant gas fittings supplier.
  • Circular sheet metal cover and cylindrical housing
  • Electronics and assembly of solar inverter and solar inverter optimizer
  • Tempered glass (1/8“)  cut to specifications with rounder edges
  • Clear renewable/recycled/upcycled plastic material for producing plastic tote bags.
  • Various positive airway pressure (PAP) machines
  • Parts assembly and enclosure using over mold or cold press for plastic ID badge with biometric identification and activation.
  • Circuit breakers manufactured in the U.S. and with more than 55% of the cost of all components from U.S.
  • Bottler of oat-milk based single-serve drinks in aseptic packaging or aluminum cans.
  • Sterilized absorbent material made from non-woven 50% polyester/50% rayon.
  • Organic cotton yarn
  • Investment casting and processing of Hadfield Manganese steel machinery part.
  • Water to air heat exchangers made of copper tubes and aluminum fins to be used in fan coils for residential and commercial appliances.
  • Fan motor, fan rotor and casing for residential and commercial appliances.

For each request, the MEP website posts a Supplier Scouting Opportunity Synopsis that details technical specifications and performance requirements, delivery requirements and cost and volume estimates.

New requests are received on a regular basis. Contact Insyte Consulting if you would like to learn about how to submit your company’s capabilities in response to a request or if you would like to post a request to find suppliers for your company’s needs.

The Supplier Scouting service is one of many ways that Insyte Consulting helps WNY manufacturers to Innovate, Grow and Profit.

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