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It’s the Final Countdown!

“Wait…I thought the New Year had already happened?”  This isn’t about the New Year nor is it about the 1986 hit song from the band Europe.  Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements kick in in 2026. 

“But that’s over a year from now, why worry?”  Certification starts in 2026, but similar to ISO, companies need to have a working history of their systems to be audited.  In the case of CMMC, this is a MINIMUM 6-month history. 

“So, I should call in June?”  Like holiday shoppers, there will be a last-minute rush to get this done.  There will be a fight for resources trying to get this done at the last minute, the time to get started is now before you are in a queue.

“We’ve already seen the date pushed out several times, I’m sure it will this time too.”  While that is true, all signs are pointing towards OCTOBER 2026 as a hard stop.  This is a very strategic initiative for the US Military and critically important for protecting the secrets of the United States.   Additionally, the safeguards in CMMC will protect your business by reducing the opportunity for cyber-attacks from foreign and unfriendly entities.  Manufacturers are being targeted for Ransomware at an alarming rate.  CMMC is based on best practices to keep your company assets, personnel records, proprietary business, and customers information safe.

The time to act is now, Insyte can support your efforts.  Insyte can support your company’s entry into CMMC by starting with a gap analysis (similar to how practitioners approach ISO) and then proceed to more advanced remediation and resolution of the gaps. 

Don’t get stuck behind the clock; reach out to Dave Hanitz: dhanitz@insyte-consulting.com or Ryan Case: rcase@insyte-consulting.com today.

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