Insyte Consulting Surpasses $4 Billion in WNY Economic Impact as it Marks its 40th Anniversary

Insyte Consulting Surpasses $4 Billion in WNY Economic Impact as it Marks its 40th Anniversary

Both milestones are a tribute to the resilient and innovative manufacturers in our region

Buffalo, N.Y. – Insyte Consulting, a non-profit management consulting organization, announced today that it has helped its WNY manufacturing clients generate over $4 Billion in economic impact in Western New York. Insyte reached the $1 Billion mark in 2013. The figure is the cumulative total of the benefits reported by Insyte Consulting clients to independent, third-party survey companies working for the United States Department of Commerce since the year 2000.  Insyte Consulting is part of the Federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program and receives Federal and State funding through NYSTAR, part of Empire State Development Corporation.

“This achievement is a tribute to our WNY manufacturing clients who continue to invest in making themselves more competitive which results in more innovation, more growth, more profit and more manufacturing jobs in WNY,” said Benjamin Rand, president of Insyte Consulting.  “I’d like to thank our manufacturing clients, our partners and especially my colleagues at Insyte Consulting whose commitment and dedication for forty years and counting have been critical to us reaching this milestone.”

Here is a breakdown of over $4 Billion of impact:

New and Retained Sales  $2,615,224,505 

Capital Investments $578,255,037

Cost Savings $174,014,867

Jobs Created or Saved (18,711) $905,369,157

Total $ 4,272,863,566

Insyte works side-by-side with its clients to help each company make lasting, positive changes using proven and cutting-edge tools and methods to help them innovate, grow and profit. Services range from Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing to New Product Development, Operational Excellence and Management Systems. 



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