Meet our new business development manager Ryan Case, who joined Insyte in June after nearly two decades in the plastics industry. Before he made the switch, Ryan worked myriad roles, from engineering and supply chain to sales and marketing. Now, he applies the skills he acquired in a managerial sales capacity at Insyte. Here, Ryan talks about his close-knit community and working toward a better future for everyone in Western New York.

Tell us about your responsibilities as a business development manager.

My role is two-fold. One part of it includes the sale of services to our current clients as the need arises; the other aspect involves finding new manufacturers who haven’t worked with us before and who may be interested in our services and support.

Why did you decide to switch to consulting after 18 years in plastics?

I wanted to see new businesses and learn new skills. The biggest factor, though, was my desire to get more involved in my local community. I’ve always had jobs that required me to travel extensively, and I wanted a job that was focused on providing a better future for Western New York.

How does your current role allow you to shape the future of Western New York?

By helping manufacturers grow, it drives wealth to the area. When businesses grow, they hire more people, and the region benefits as a result. From a personal perspective, my background in engineering and business allows me to talk through the needs of each business and identify solutions. This adds value to the community and helps people in Western New York. It gives me the chance to make a difference, which I find to be soul fulfilling.

What do you like most about the community here in Western New York?

I left Western New York and came back, and I lived in a lot of different places in between. The people in Buffalo are a close-knit community, and there’s a connection to this city no matter where you go. You travel around and tell people you’re from Buffalo, and they usually tell you how great the city is or how much fun they had when they came to visit. There’s something magnetic about this area that brings out the best in people and draws everyone to it.

Has anything surprised you about working at Insyte?

Yes—how diverse the manufacturing base is in Western New York from the perspective of how many different markets businesses operate in and how many different technologies and services people provide here. At Insyte, we’re here for the long run to make sure those people are successful. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Don’t let perfect get in the way of really good.

Great advice! What is something people may not know about you?

There are a few things. First, I have two kids, and I like to ski and visit the Adirondacks and Rockies. I’m also a golfer, and I once played in the International Junior Masters Tournament in East Aurora. Before that, I was a mascot at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where I went to school.





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