Internal safety audits can be an administrative nightmare leaving little time for correcting hazards or for improving programs. An App called i-Auditor by safetyculture© ( may be the solution to taking the emphasis off of paperwork and putting it back on advancing performance.

The Western New York Field Federal Safety and Health Council (WNYFFSHC) hosted a presentation by Tom Herrmann, Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement at Dunn Tire, and Mark Zeisz, Director of Safety for West Herr Automotive Group, on how they’ve been using i-Auditor. I must, however, preempt any information that I’ll share by saying that none of us; WNYFFSHC, the presenters, Insyte Consulting, or myself, are in any way affiliated with i-Auditor for promotional or any other purposes. Simply, the presentation and my brief trial run have made me very excited about the opportunities this tool presents for streamlining the Safety Self-Inspection Process!

Free for Basic

If you’re only going to use one device to perform audits and 10MB’s or less of memory, you can use the App for free! Of course, as with most App’s, upgrades are available (I believe the next level is $9/unit/month). The good news remains. Even with an upgrade, this is affordable for most organizations. If you did an analysis, I’m sure you’d find that you’d be saving money.


Safety Audit Template App – iAuditor – YouTube

Use your mobile device for doing safety audits (i.e. IPad or Android)

  1. Build an Audit – use your existing questions or amend an audit from their library
    1. Multiple formats
    2. Weighing allowed
  2. Audit Updates – If audit template is changed by the administrator, all auditors will see it.
  3. Cloud Storage – for templates, conducted audits, schedules, etc.
  4. Pictures and notes may be added to audits. Annotations on images are easily done.
  5. Report – automatically generated. It can be saved as a pdf, Word or Excel file. Emailing is done with ease.
  6. Scheduling of audits may done.
  7. No worry about ‘dead-zones’. Audits templates can be pre-downloaded to your device and then synced later.
  8. Signature field – provided to finalize audits

Icing on the Cake

Give it a try. It won’t cost anything without an upgrade and, if you have questions, safetyculture has readily available technical support, according to the presenters. Also, Mark Zeisz, who was key in setting up the Dunn Tire/West Herr audit system, has offered to assist anyone who may need a few pointers with using i-Auditor. If you’d like Mark’s assistance, please contact me at 716-864-8671 or email





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