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In today’s tight labor market – doing more with what you already have.

The June 16th Operational Excellence Workshop, sponsored by Insyte Consulting, and conducted by Max Krug, gave attendees from multiple WNY manufacturers an opportunity to contemplate their everyday business challenges, think outside the box, learn new decision models, and bring into focus concepts that when implemented will yield a competitive advantage for their organization.  

Finding, optimizing, and then managing the control point in a synchronous flow designed system was demonstrated to yield previously unattainable results, with no additional resources. In today’s tight labor market, doing more with what you already have, in a data designed synchronous system, will yield improved service to your customers, improved first time quality, and increased profitability.

If you missed this workshop, but are interested in finding out what the buzz is about, reach out and let’s start a conversation!

David Hanitz: dhanitz@insyte-consulting.com or Ryan Case: rcase@insyte-consulting.com


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