Did you know that all those microbreweries and distilleries sprouting up around Western New York are part of a manufacturing renaissance? Often thought to be part of the hospitality industry, producers of artisanal alcoholic beverages are really considered to be part of the manufacturing sector of the economy, like any other food producer, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Producers of craft beer, wine, mead, hard cider, kombucha and spirits have been experiencing heady growth as consumer tastes shift to appreciate new and different types of beverages and outdated rules and regulations are modernized.  The chart below shows the steady growth of U.S. establishments producing alcoholic beverages.

And that growth translates into increased employment. The chart below shows how employment growth among breweries, wineries and distilleries is near the top relative to other manufacturing industries.

WNY has been an active participant in this sector’s growth with numerous thriving businesses throughout our region, including: Flying Bison Brewing Co., a micro pioneer, Community Beer WorksBootleg BuchaHamburg Brewing Company42 North Brewing CompanyBrickyard Brewing CompanyBig Inlet BrewingLakeward SpiritsBuffalo Distilling Company and Tommyrotter Distillery.    We even have a national presence thanks to our client Southern Tier Brewing’s success.  Cheers!

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