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Do your products comply with the Build America, Buy America Act? BABA – compliant products are in demand through the MEP Supplier Scouting Service.

The U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (MEP) Supplier Scouting service posts requests from companies and government agencies seeking U.S. manufacturers for a wide variety of products or contract manufacturing services.  Many of the requests require that the product complies with Build America, Buy America Act (“BABA”) requirements  https://www.commerce.gov/oam/build-america-buy-america . Recent requests include:

  • 36” and 48” tee bodies for pressure vessels
  • Filling of 3-5ml bottles of facial oil
  • Water heaters powered by heat pumps
  • Various telecom components – conduit clamp, muletape, ground rod, coax cable, coax in conduit, splice connector, fiber cables, fiber cleaner, fiber splice tray & tray holder
  • Die cast aluminum housing for gas regulator
  • BABA-compliant Nitrile Butadiene Rubber gloves
  • Domestic manufacturer of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
  • Glycol make-up unit to add glycol into pipe water
  • Steel spur gears
  • 8620 steel investment casted rifle components
  • 12 Mil clear APET plastic bakery box lids
  • Polymer concrete vault lid
  • Plascoat Performance Polymer Alloy (PPA) 571 coating
  • Inner/outer vessel manufacturers that can work with 304N/316 steel.
  • Copacker of BBQ sauce and BBQ rub
  • Duct plugs with rope tie for sealing vacant conduit
  • Aerial slack storage system
  • Aerial hanger bracket
  • Electrolyzer stacks
  • AC/DC 150W enclosed switching power supply

For each request, the MEP website posts a Supplier Scouting Opportunity Synopsis that details technical specifications and performance requirements, delivery requirements and cost and volume estimates.

New requests are received on a regular basis and generally have a required response date of 1-3 weeks. Contact Insyte Consulting if you would like to learn about how to submit your company’s capabilities in response to a request or if you would like to post a request to find suppliers for your company’s needs.

The Supplier Scouting service is one of many ways that Insyte Consulting helps WNY manufacturers to Innovate, Grow and Profit.


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