That includes ACV Auctions, the grand prize winner, the other 11 finalists and perhaps most of all, WNY. The thriving entrepreneurial scene here that 43North has helped create has already altered the mindset of Western New Yorkers and has the potential to alter our economy, too. More and more people are realizing that they can create the company and the career that they want to have, rather than relying on someone else to provide a job. When (and if) some of these start-ups truly succeed, they will alter our economic landscape in both conventional and unconventional ways.  Yes, successful start-ups result in wealth and, perhaps, many jobs. But they also create a bench strength of successful, experienced entrepreneurs with deep pockets, a rare and critical resource that has played a central role in growing and sustaining innovative economies in Silicon Valley, Boston and Seattle. Learn more about the importance and impact of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the broader economy and what you can do to help it at this upcoming event.

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