Insyte Consulting works with with some of WNY’s leading manufacturers. Read about some of the exciting work we’ve done with them on our Case Studies page.

Buffalo Filter, located in Lancaster, NY is a leading medical device manufacturer and supplier of surgical smoke evacuation equipment throughout the United States and in more than 52 countries worldwide.


Advances in the use of lasers and electrosurgical tools created a demand for new products. Buffalo Filter tried to seize that opportunity for growth but found its product development targets, projects and deadlines were not being met.


Buffalo Filter turned to Insyte Consulting for help. Together they launched a transformational program with multiple elements. Insyte consultants guided the senior management team through the development of a strategic plan that would serve as a roadmap for growth through innovation and would support the underlying cultural and operational changes required.

With the new strategy in place, Buffalo Filter and Insyte launched a series of joint projects to transform the strategy into reality. One joint team constructed and implemented a robust product development and innovation process emphasizing prioritization, speed and reliability. A key element was a new product roadmap that ensured focus on high potential projects. Another joint team streamlined the manufacturing process to support growth and handle new product introductions utilizing lean manufacturing tools and concepts. A third team obtained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications recognized worldwide by Buffalo Filter’s targeted customers.


Buffalo Filter saw tremendous statistical returns thanks to their work with Insyte, notably a 300% increase in revenue, a whopping 200% increase in new customers, a 99% rate of on-time delivery, and and impressive doubling of their engineering staff. Such big numbers are some of the many benefits of such a wide-ranging and transformational work plan.

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