Rem-Tronics Inc.

Relocation Leads to Revenue Growth

Insyte has been an integral part of our success for the past 15 years, they will always be our number one choice for future projects.

Matt Karalunas, Vice President

The Company

REM-tronics, Inc. is a leading, high- reliability contract manufacturer of electronic products used in a wide variety of aerospace, military, medical and industrial applications.

The Challenge

REM-tronics was located in an inadequate three-story older building in Silver Creek, NY. The company’s continued growth, as well as its desire to improve operational efficiency and upgrade its facility for customer visits, led to the decision to relocate to a vacant one-story facility in Dunkirk, NY.

Our Solution

Insyte Consulting was contracted to work with REM-tronics personnel to create a facility layout for the new building that would improve workflow while increasing throughput. The relocation plan also needed to minimize the disruption of production activities during the transition. The consultant-led team completed AutoCAD drawings of the new facility building shell and templates of all existing equipment. The team also analyzed the current workflow, including historical shipments of all SKUs; completed activity relationship diagrams; determined current and future square foot allocations, by department; developed multiple facility layouts, incorporating cellular flow technology and facilitated a consensus decision of the “best” alternative. The team also developed a comprehensive plan, determining the required inventory levels of each cell to maintain customer service levels throughout the anticipated relocation; and created a project plan Gantt chart for the actual movement of equipment. Workstations for the new facility were purchased after the number and size of the stations needed were identified, an RFQ developed, and samples of stations obtained for trial. Validation plans were developed for the equipment after the relocation.

Our Results

Average travel distance in manufacture of all SKUs decreased by 23% .


Number of pieces produced per square foot increased by 12% .


Revenue expected to increase by $2.9MM due to the ability to capture new work, which was unable to be completed effectively in the old facility.


Increased communication between product teams, by providing closer contact in a single-floor facility.

Insyte Consulting