Peak Motion, Inc.

ISO Isn’t Just For Big Guys

We have added a second shift and are in the process of adding a third.

Doug Webster, President

The Company

Founded in 2010, Peak Motion, Inc. engineers and produces complex precision-machined parts for product development prototypes and short-run production of high-precision components and assemblies.

The Challenge

Looking to attract new customers and ultimately grow revenue, Peak Motion’s president believed implementing an ISO 9001:2008 quality system would both help the company grow sales and, at the same time, maintain quality and consistency in its production processes.

Our Solution

Insyte Consulting was contacted in March of 2014 to establish the systems and procedures needed to satisfy the ISO 9000 quality standard as well as develop a continuous improvement focus, improve responses to customers and establish performance measures.

Due to Peak Motion’s small size and relatively short life, there were very few documents or procedures to work from. This proved to be a benefit as the processes could be established without breaking old habits.

The quality management team was created and measures were put in place. Employees were trained in the requirements and benefits of a quality management system. Processes were defined and the procedures required by ISO 9000 were written, reviewed and approved. Other procedures that would help define and improve the functions of the company were also established. The documentation was kept simple and straightforward for ease of use and maintenance. During the course of developing the system, employees stepped into key roles in the system and provided valuable input into how the system should function.

One employee was selected for internal audit training, and the audits were initiated. This provided valuable insights into the functionality of the system and provided the impetus for improvement actions. The findings were addressed quickly and efficiently, and the system gained traction with buy-in from all employees.

Our Results

After fewer than nine months, Peak Motion had a certification audit conducted and is now certified for ISO 9000.


Anticipated sales increase of $5,000,000 over five years.


New technological equipment was purchased to enhance capabilities.

Insyte Consulting