Finger Food Products Inc.

Holistic Plan for Managing Fast Growth

Now I feel that I’ve gotten my arms around how to handle our high-growth situation. Insyte helped me lay out a clear, “doable” plan for managing the entire business.

Jason R. Cordova, President

The Company

Finger Food Products, Inc. is the maker of the Original Pizza Logs® and Original Apple Pie Logs®, Western New York originals. Located in a newly-constructed facility in the Niagara County Inducon Corporate Business Park, Finger Food Products’ logo is often seen on the promo signs at Sabres games.

The Challenge

Finger Food Products, Inc. is in the enviable position of having a home-run product. They have made many wise business decisions to put themselves on a path for steady, profitable growth. The critical issues for them were, “What do you do once you’ve caught the tiger?” and “How can that profitable growth be sustained?” Jason R. Cordova, president and second-generation owner, had lots of ideas, but it was unclear which were best and whether he was missing any critical factors.

Our Solution

Cordova engaged Insyte Consulting to help holistically improve management of his entire company, especially the handling of its high-growth situation. Like any small company, financial resources and people’s time were the primary constraints. Hence, establishing priorities for achieving the greatest long-term impact was essential. The first step was to articulate a strategy and plan for geographic expansion to build momentum for national distribution. Next, the Insyte/company team worked on a plan for increasing production to support the sales growth. To align management of operations and sales, a four-year plan was outlined in an easy to understand format. The plan set goals for adding new territories, installing new production capacity, and hiring personnel so that the company was proactively prepared for its planned growth. The Finger Food Products, Inc. team has enthusiastically committed to the plan.

Our Results

Sales are on track to increase by 20% over the next twelve months.


Operational improvements are underway to meet increased orders.


The company is on track for rapid growth outside of New York and Western Pennsylvania.


A business development person has been hired to implement the first phases of the expansion.

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