Curtis Screw Company

Facility Consolidation Drives Performance

Insyte Consulting cost-effectively provided thorough, professional analysis and project support for this very ambitious undertaking. With their involvement we were able to meet our cost targets and time lines with minimal disruption to our business.

Paul Hojnacki, President

The Company

Curtis Screw Company of Buffalo, NY is a manufacturer of screw machine products for the automotive industry, including Ford and General Motors. The company is committed to environmental sustainability and is ISO 14001 certified.

The Challenge

Curtis Screw believed that significant cost savings and productivity improvements could be realized through a consolidation of its two Buffalo operations into a single state-of-the-art facility. It was also important that the new facility support enhanced production capabilities, growth in new products & services and environmental sustainability.

Our Solution

Curtis Screw approached Insyte Consulting to conduct a three-phase consolidation project. In phase one, Insyte’s cost analysis determined that Curtis should purchase a new building, rather than build or consolidate into one of their existing sites.

In phase two, Insyte developed and evaluated several specific layout alternatives, taking into account the physical building, equipment, projected production volumes and other factors. Once a final layout was selected by Curtis Screw, Insyte developed a construction and remodeling plan for the new facility.

In the final phase, Insyte acted as project manager for the move itself, including: the transfer and installation of new and existing equipment; the installation of improved material handling equipment, (three new overhead cranes); and the installation of a chip recycling system of over 1,600 linear feet. The project was completed on time and on budget with minimal loss of production time.

Our Results

Increased throughput by 12% .


Reduced cost of quality by 26% .


Recycled 97% of dry metal chips and majority of machining oil.


Recycled 97% of dry metal chips and majority of machining oil.


Reduced inventory costs.


Improved material flow.


Landed a major new project for key OEM automotive account.

Insyte Consulting