Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats

Growing Sales in a Highly Competitive Market

The recommendations of which markets to target took us in a different direction than we originally expected, but we’re glad we did it. We’re not only growing sales, but they’re more profitable; and we’re diversifying and expanding our customer base too.

Eric Naber, President

The Company

Battistoni has produced dried salamis, pepperoni and other cured sausages in Buffalo since 1931. They distinguish their products by using traditional, old world recipes, high quality ingredients and sausage-making practices that produce an authentic taste.

The Challenge

Despite a solid reputation for quality products, sales had leveled off as the marketplace shifted and competition intensified from big chain store brands and national brands. The challenge was to determine how a local, privately-owned company could grow profitable sales in a changing market with large competitors.

Our Solution

Comparative analysis of market trends and company sales by market segment showed a divergence between where the opportunities were and where the company was attempting to grow. The Insyte-Battistoni Team developed a market strategy and three year sales plan that re-prioritized the sales focus by market segment. They then defined goals and action items by market segment to add new customers, expand geographic coverage and increase sales to existing customers.

Our Results

Exceeded three-year sales goal in one market segment by 100% in 18 months.


Reached 50% level of three-year goal in another market segment in just one year.


Expanded distribution outside New York and added new customers.


Hired two persons to assist in business development.


Added new All Natural product line.

Insyte Consulting