American Douglas Metals, Inc.

Successful Product Launch Swings Into Action

The product launch was more involved than we anticipated, but Insyte helped us get it right.

Kevin Blake, General Manager

The Company

American Douglas Metals, Inc. (ADM) has historically operated as a contract manufacturer specializing in the design and fabrication of extruded aluminum components to customer specifications. Their customers incorporate those components into their own products. As part of a new vision for growth, the company wanted to develop its own branded products.

The Challenge

Based on the VP of Sales’ passion for golf, one new product idea was to design, manufacture and sell “all pieces included” bridges made from extruded aluminum to golf courses. Golf courses typically engage construction contractors to custom design and build steel and timber bridges onsite. ADM’s concept of an all-parts-in-one box aluminum extrusion bridge had the advantages of attractive appearance, no maintenance, and installation in half the time. ADM, however, did not have experience taking its own products to market. The company enlisted Insyte to assist in developing a process and plan to take the new bridge to market.

Our Solution

Incorporating feedback from golf course greens keepers regarding issues with steel and timber bridges, the ADM/Insyte team designed a family of bridges to handle different customers’ requirements, developed sales material and website, and put together a selling message and sales roll out plan. The no-maintenance aluminum, attractive design and simple installation were contrasted against the high-maintenance and rapid degradation of traditional steel and timber bridges. The simplicity of installation was highlighted by calling the product Bridge-in-a-Box.

To focus selling efforts the team identified a highly-defined target market of golf courses with specific characteristics and in specific geographic areas. The team estimated the market size, estimated annual sales and outlined a phased geographic rollout plan.

The product rollout caught the attention of the Buffalo News which published a lengthy article on the company and product. A time lapse video showing the ease of installation can be seen at

Our Results

Over the two months since introduction 50 RFQs have been received.


Ridgemont Country Club, the first installation, has ordered two more bridges.


Two internet inquiries a day are being received from across the U.S.

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