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Operational Excellence One-Day Workshop

June 16, 2022 | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Operational Excellence Workshop - Utilize world class techniques to create a high-performing organization.

About this event
Is your organization:
- Struggling to meet the monthly performance goals?
- Constantly expediting orders and running too much overtime?
- Getting customer complaints for late orders or long lead-times?
- Suffering from the “end of the month” syndrome?
- Finding it difficult to attract and retain the right employees?
- Losing business to competitors or not meeting sales targets?

If you answered yes, attend this interactive workshop to learn:
- The necessary conditions to create a high-performance organization,
- The roles of leadership and customer focus,
- How to measure and establish the correct performance metrics,
- How to create a stable and capable delivery system,
- How to identify initiatives that could achieve a 20-25% productivity improvement with your current workforce,
- How to construct a strategy that achieves a competitive market advantage, and
- How to convert improved operational performance in to a market strategy to grow sales.

About the presenter:
Max Krug, owner of Future State Engineering, has 35 years of experience in operations, with a focus on manufacturing and distribution companies. He coaches companies to help develop operational excellence strategies and provides hands-on mentoring and implementation support for the necessary and sufficient actions to become a high-performing organization. His education is in Industrial Engineering, and he utilizes Theory of Constraints, Lean and Total Quality Management techniques to achieve breakthrough performance improvement for organizations.

Thursday, June 16th
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

(Lunch and refreshments will be provided)

*participants must bring a laptop for the simulation portion of the workshop

Event Location

683 Northland Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14211

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